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    keyLOGIC Carbon Fiber Key Case UPDATE

    Hello Everyone,

    I am extremely sorry for the delays in production with the carbon fiber and aluminum keyLOGIC key organizer and key case holders. That being said, we now have the necessary tooling to do things in house for this product instead of outsourcing certain materials and steps. The product is also much improved over the original prototype and our proprietary SrAI is absolutely beautiful. We were unwilling to use the original parts we had contracted out to be made but everything is running smooth now since we are making everything here in house where we can keep a much closer eye on quality control.

    glowing sheets of strontium by slimtech

    A couple photos from just before we started cutting this morning and we charged the SrAI sheet for about 20 seconds with a cell phone light. The sheets glow beautifully and are very bright. We will be posting updates every few days until all orders are out. I will be in touch with kickstarter backers personally to apologize for the production delays as soon as orders are shipping. For those of you who are kickstarter backers you will also receive another more thorough update via email.

    blue glowing sheets 1/4" strontium by slimtech carbon fiber key organizer and holder

    More to follow...


    Difference between Gloss and Satin Carbon Fiber

    A lot of people ask us what the difference is when comparing our satin and glossy carbon fiber finishes on our minimalist wallets and RFID blocking wallets.

    Glossy carbon fiber is very smooth and has a deep three-dimensional look. If you stare closely you can see individual strands of carbon and it is absolutely gorgeous. Only very high quality carbon fiber looks this way and the photos do not do it justice. It will also be more reflective when light hits it.

    Satin carbon fiber tends to absorb light instead of reflecting it so it will not be shiny in direct light. Both finishes are rugged and age very well but the satin "looks" more rugged and has a slightly textured finish instead of being mirror smooth. 

    Gloss Carbon fiber pictured on the bottom/left and satin carbon fiber on the right/top.

    Depending on the light they can almost look identical, this photo is an effort to show the biggest difference we could without setting up an actual photo shoot.

    Thanks for checking it out and be sure to sign up to our newsletter for info on new prototypes, gadgets, tech, and other innovative and modern stuff we think is cool and noteworthy.