• Keep your private key safe and share your public key with style! The Crypto Card is a premium, top of the line NFC business card that allows you to store multiple keys and contact information on the same card. Carry a small amount of crypto, use as a public key card, or take your coins offline and use as cold storage. 
    1. 6k Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber
    2. 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    3. Custom Engraving
    4. Fire Reistant
    5. Waterproof
    6. NTAG216 888kb NFC
    7. Dimension: 3.37" x 2.13"
    8. Weight: .5 oz 


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 Lose the paper wallet

       Lets be honest, nobody wants to store their value cryptocurrencies on something that can be destroyed by a glass of water. Even in a safe, paper is susceptible to rot, making it not a ideal cold storage solution. Why not store your valuables on something that is waterproof, fire resistant, and made of aerospace grade composites. 



  • Precision CNC Machine cut in house
  • Hand Sanded Edges
  • Hand Bonded Plates
  • Waterproof


  • Aerospace Grade 6k Carbon Fiber (5x light and 3x stronger than steel)
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Industrial Grade EPDM tension rings







Easy access to your public or private key

Keep all your coins offline 

Credit card size fits inside your wallet

Extremely durable 

Lifetime Warranty

100% Made in USA